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Electronic Acupuncture Pen
Electronic Acupuncture Pen
Electronic Acupuncture Pen
Electronic Acupuncture Pen
Electronic Acupuncture Pen
Electronic Acupuncture Pen

Electronic Acupuncture Pen

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According to many sources, muscle, spinal or joints pains, sciatica, TMJ Pain, Migraines, headaches, stress or anxiety; facial beauty, skin's health and much more are proven to be often treated successfully using acupuncture techniques.

Acupuncture is frequently used to treat mentioned above conditions, including TMJ, Migraines, etc. with positive results. ... While acupuncture therapy may not eliminate the cause of TMJ or Migraines, acupuncture can help relieve the pain and discomfort associated with the conditions

This Pen uses a fusion of biotechnology, massage and acupuncture to promote pain relief, relaxation, balance and a comfortable lifestyle.

In other words, it's a classical chinese acupuncture, but without needles !

"This pen is just a life-saver for me. It helps me so much to treat pains in arms and neck. Thank you, guys !" - Alex

"Hey ! I got mine about a month ago and it's so awesome ! I use it at work and home just to relax, works like a charm :)" - Josh


It has already helped over 5000 our customers ! And just as these people could overcome their pain and stress, so can you. Give it a try !

How it Works

There are no needles involved, so there is no skin piercing. Simply press the pen to the affected areas and it will release an electric pulse to stimulate the meridian and acupuncture points in your body for healing and pain relief.

Using low-voltage electrical impulses instead of needles, this pen allows you to affect your body's energy channels and "meridians".

✔️ Flat Tip
Use when massaging larger areas. Distributing voltage from a larger area might feel less effect.

✔️ Node Tip
Perfect for a small specific area. Voltage gives out a stronger effect.

Spherical Tip
Use this tip when tapping a medium size area. Distributes voltage evenly.


This Pen costs a fraction of a visit to the chiropractor, rheumatologist, acupressurist or acupuncturist.

These visits does not only cost too much, they also take too much time.



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✔️ Safe, Easy to use and effective

✔️ Compact and portable

✔️ Affordable family use

✔️ No side effects

Features and benefits:

  • Pain Relief. The Meridian Energy Pen relieves pain by blocking signals as they travel from the nervous system to the brain. The pulsations also have a relaxing effect on tense muscles and balance the meridian of your body to relieve pain. 
  • Beauty. This Pen works as a beauty aid for stimulating the muscles of the face and body as well as tightening and rejuvenation the skin and subcutaneous layers to reduce wrinkles and sagging flesh associated with aging.
  • Needleless acupuncture. There are no needles involve so there is no skin piercing. Simply press the pen onto affected areas and it will release an electric pulse to stimulate the meridian and acupuncture points in your body for healing and pain relief.
  • Alternative treatment. It has no side effect as opposed to using painkillers and other medications to treat chronic pain. It’s great for treating acute and chronic physical pain,sciatica, migraine, sports injuries, and muscle, joint and back pains. 
  • Easy to use. It only needs one AA battery (not included) to function.  It has a digital display that shows the strength of the electrical pulse output (0 - weakest and 6 - strongest). Simply press the start button to increase or decrease the strength of the electric pulse.
  • Have three special functions. Dome type is superficial therapy applicable for health care and facial beautification, Node type is node therapy applicable for partial body pains, and Spheroidal is partial therapy applicable for quickly alleviating pain.
  • Portable. It’s lightweight so you can easily put it in your pocket, bag, or pouch if you’re traveling or perhaps just going to work for a long day and need relief from your pain.
  • Music Massage. Your Meridian Energy Pen can be used as a portable hand-held "tens" unit to automatically trigger rapid muscle contraction when muscles are hard to isolate or when the muscle is immobilized in a cast or splint. The pulsed contraction effectively works the muscle for you which prevents atrophy.

This Pen is a painless acupuncture simulation that activates tissues, firms sagging and aging skin, promotes blood circulation, detoxifies the meridians, and helps reduce muscle pain. 


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    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Pen
    • 1 x Node Head
    • 1 x Dome Head
    • 1 x User Manual

    Extra Info:

    1. When the pen slides on the skin, together with the holding hand and body connect as a circuit, the hand and the contacted points will have the feeling of vibration and a little numbness, it is how the meridian pen works, but not the leakage of electricity, please note that.

    2. Children under 8 years old should be under the adult supervision when using.

    3. Not recommended to use this product in following situations:

    -- Over implanted metal part.
    -- If you use a pacemaker.

    -- On open wounds.

    -- Close to oxygen or inflammable liquids.

    This Pen also known as 'Laser Acupuncture Pen',' Energy Acupuncture Pen', 'Meridian Acupuncture Pen', 'Meridian Energy Pen'.

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